As the authorised Australian & New Zealand importer for Corbin products, we have access to the full US product range. Corbin are pro-active in developing their product line, offering new configuration options and increasing their color range as they see fit, for these reasons we will direct you to use the US site configurator at: and make sure you use the online “Design it” tool if it is available for the seat you have chosen.

Once you have decided on the final configuration that you wish to purchase, please take note of all the colors and options you have selected (taking a screenshot can also help if you email it to us) and download the order form provided below, fill it out and email it back to us. Some customers have informed us they can’t download the order form from the below weblink due to the security settings on their device, feel free to contact us via email and we can send you the order form via email.

Alternatively your order can be taken over the phone where we will fill out the order form for you, we can also send you a copy of the completed order form for you to check before proceeding to manufacturing.

Any questions please contact us on (03) 9467 7622 or

Email: or Phone: (03) 9467-7622